Starchild & Moonchild Tarot Order Dates

Starchild & Moonchild Tarot Order Dates


Moonchild and Starchild Tarot are both open for pre-orders for our upcoming December stock. There is no estimated arrival yet, but you should receive your order before Christmas. Once the decks are on their way to the shop the product description will be updated with an ETA.

After this limited December batch, there will not be any decks available until January as Starseed Designs has already sold out and will need to have more printed.



To address some recent inquiries I thought I would update customers searching for Starchild Tarot and/or Moonchild Tarot.

Starchild Tarot is currently out of stock and will be arriving again late August when the new Moonchild Tarot deck is released. 

Pre-orders for both decks will open on August 1st. An email will be sent to customers when pre-orders open.

Please consider this option early August, as Starchild tends to sell out within a few days. :)


Thank you!


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