The Hierophant Tarot Trinket Dish - Hello Violet
The Hierophant Tarot Trinket Dish - Hello Violet
The Hierophant Tarot Trinket Dish - Hello Violet

The Hierophant Tarot Trinket Dish

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Image: The Hierophant

Color: Black

Glitter: Red

A handmade polymer clay dish featuring one of Pamela Coleman Smith's tarot illustrations. Perfect little dish to hold jewelry, crystals, and other dry goods. Also just a nice decorative piece for tarot enthusiasts. 

These tarot trinket dishes are one of a kind. Each piece is hand formed so shape and structure will vary. The average length is 4" with some being slightly larger. Some pieces are more concave while others are a bit more like a rectangular plate. 

Handmade with polymer clay, acrylic paints, paper, decoupage, glitter, and protective glaze. 

Polymer clay is a type of PVC, so while the finished piece looks ceramic-like, these dishes are actually a slightly flexible and durable vinyl. 

Surfaces will have slight imperfections including little bumps. 

Care Instructions: While these dishes have a protective coating, the decorated side with the tarot image is not waterproof and should be kept dry. A damp cloth can be used beneath. 

Some of the larger dishes may feel slightly tacky to the touch at times, specifically if you live in a humid climate. This can be quite common with polymer clay pieces, though I will be testing different finishes in the future to see which glazes and varnishes may help to avoid this. But for this reason, I would not recommend keeping your tarot dish in a bathroom where it will be exposed to constant moisture and steam. 

Pieces will be recreated for future collections based on interest, but every dish is truly OOAK. 

Custom dishes not being offered at this time.


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