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Ritual Sachet Powders for Money, Work, Finances, Luck

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Sachet powders are versatile and can be used in a variety of ways for magical purposes. How you choose to use your sachet powder will be based on your intention and/or ritual, as well as who the magic is for (you vs. someone else).


Some Ways To Use Your Sachet Powder:

  • Sprinkle on a letter to someone, a business card, money, or documents
  • Dress a candle
  • Sprinkle or blow in or around a space (home, business)
  • Create a mojo bag
  • Blow towards a person or place
  • Create sigils or patterns on your altar or another area
  • Wear the powder on your body (as if applying talcum powder)
  • Sprinkle over herbs and resins


Choose your powder based on your intention:

Astral: Attract success in your job or business

Gold & Silver: This powder will bring you the spirit of good luck (Chango Macho)

Protect My Money: Hold onto your money and protect it from being lost

Success: For good fortune and prosperity

Quick Money: When you need money fast to pay a bill or other debt

Find a Job Quickly: To find a job faster than expected

Job: Find and hold onto a job

Fast Luck: Lucky in love, prosperity, health, money, home

Money Drawing: Helps you bring wealth and prosperity into your life



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