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December 4th – 10th Weekly Tarot-Scope

This week the Moon changes from Gemini, Cancer, Leo, then analytical and highly critical Virgo (Swiss – UT). Get ready for an emotional roller coaster, we have a lot of complex signs that will lead us spiraling up and down.

The Sun is still shining in Sagittarius until December 22nd, so happy belated/early/present birthday until then.

As always, here are the phases of the Moon (influences our emotions and feelings):

December 4th (Monday): Gemini Moon
December 5th – 6th (Tuesday – Wednesday): Cancer Moon
December 7th – 8th (Thursday – Friday): Leo Moon
December 9th – 10th (Saturday – Sunday): Virgo Moon

Mercury rests on Sagittarius is retrograde. You can expect our communications to turn upside down. Meaning, most of us will have a harder time holding our tongues, turning smaller problems into big ones. It also means major foot in mouth disease, where honesty doesn’t exactly mean justice or truth. Watch out for lewd, wild, or just outright rude comments from people – mostly left-handed comments, lol. Try to hold your short-temper until December 23rd, where it will turn direct – then it’s back to happy go-lucky, positive, humorous engagements.

Venus is in Sagittarius until December 26th, where it will fall in love with Capricorn. You can expect relationships to be more lively, aggressive, casual and argumentative, lol. Single people will be ready to mingle, wanting to wrap up the year with some hot nights. This is also the time for people to be insensitive and non-committed. Keep it light and carefree until the 25th. On the 26th, Venus will end the year in Capricorn. All our attention will turn on our responsibilities, stability, and discipline. In other words, it’s time to be a boss again, lol.

Meaning of Moons

We start the week off with a Gemini Moon. We are feeling irresponsible, playful, but creative and friendly. We are also more distracted, yet we are staying busy. Keep in mind, Sagittarius is in retrograde. Paired with Gemini, we are also poppin’ off at the mouth, lol. We may even accidentally say something without thinking. Holding our opinions will prove challenging for a lot of people, and it only progresses throughout the week. We also have little to no tolerance for narrowmindedness today.

Under the Cancer Moon, we are swimming in our emotions. Mixed with Sagittarius Mercury, we may overreact to a situation, have a complete meltdown, or become cold altogether. Our sensitivity meters will go up, then above and beyond, lol. Try not to take anything personal when someone says or does something you don’t like. It could also mean the straw on the camel’s back. Don’t reach your breaking point – not today Satan, not today, lol.

When the Leo Moon comes roaring in, we will have pride written all over our faces, lol. Mixed with Sagittarius Mercury and Venus, we are looking at more aggression, ego, passion, and impulsivity. Things can get heated quick (good or bad). However, our ideas and spirits will take flight. We will yearn for something bigger, better, and quicker. Try not to make any rash decisions, but do enjoy this moment in a dreamful bliss of confidence.

The weekend is met with analytical Virgo Moon. We will be more focused, tactical, and logical. Yet, mixed with Sagittarius Mercury (retrograde), we are also more naggy and critical of ourselves, others, and anything in-between. Try to control the bitter part of yourself, and be kind to yourself. It’s all about taking one step at a time.

Meaning of Tarot Cards

December 04th – 10th Weekly Tarot-Scope by Joan Zodianz

[left to right] Ace of Wands (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius), 10 of Pentacles (Virgo), and 5 of Swords (Aquarius).

The 10 of Pentacles is in the middle of passion and logic. This week it is strongly advised that we take a defensive stance in all that we do. The Ace of Wands denotes aggression and fast growth, even impulsivity and risk taking. The 5 of Swords suggests that we go progress through the week with more tact and common sense. It also warns that we will be more self-justifying and stubborn.

The 10 of Pentacles gives us some hope and faith in the horizon (future). Some of us are starting this month off with a bang, while others will have a difficult time keeping up with themselves. If you start to get frustrated or aggravated, it’s always best to fall back before something EXPLOSIVE happens. However, if this explosion is positive then by all means set it the f*ck off.


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