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January 22nd – January 28th Weekly Zodiac Tarot-Scopes

I’m going to do something a little different this week. Just as I do my monthly tarot-scopes, I will leave out planetary transitions and pull a card for each sign instead.

Moon Phases for the Week

Moon Phases (UT – Swiss): The Moon influences our emotions, inner habits, and inner desires.

Monday (22nd): Pisces Moon
Tuesday – Wednesday (23rd – 24th): Aries Moon
Thursday – Friday (25th – 26th): Taurus Moon
Saturday – Sunday (27th – 28th): Gemini Moon

Mercury is in Capricorn and Venus is in Capricorn all month long. Enjoy more responsibilities, commitment, long-term plans, stability and longevity in your career and in love (single or relationship). You’ll be thinking of ways to rid yourself of anything and anybody that no longer benefits your lifestyle.

Tarot Cards for the Week

January 22nd – January 28th Weekly Zodiac Tarot-Scopes by Joan Zodianz


Aries – Queen of Wands

Aries, your card is associated with both Pisces and Aries. This week you will be more aggressive and eager to have more control in your life. Watch out for unnecessary impulsivity and impatience. Someone may also try to challenge you this week, but they could be putting your big ego in check. It could get you in your feelings, so try to check yourself before someone puts you in your place. Remember, it’s all about self-control and finding peace within yourself. Calm the fire, lol.

Taurus – 7 of Wands

Taurus, your card is associated with Leo. This week you will experience problems with others or deal with a larger than life situation. You may find it overwhelming but remember to remain calm and collective. Taureans may find their patience being tested or they are being provoked, but it’s best to wait it out instead of overreacting. Rise above any unnecessary drama, otherwise you’ll have to take the L instead of the W.

Gemini - Queen of Pentacles

Gemini, your card is associated with both Capricorn and Sagittarius. This week you will be focused on money and independence. You’ll feel more in control of yourself and your spending habits. You’ll also feel the need to get away from all the negativity and focus solely on your future self. You will have more philosophical ideas this week and find more peace in your thoughts and feelings. You also might feel a bit indecisive near the end of the week, so if you struggle with decisions then make them early on.

Cancer – Queen of Chalices

Cancer, your card is associated with both Gemini and Cancer. This week your mind and heart will be one. You’ll have more control of yourself, your surroundings, and the people around you. Usually people are perplexed by a Cancer, but this week you’ll be the one catering to others’ emotional and mental needs. Your shoulder for crying is on call, so be open to it.

Leo – 8 of Swords

Leo, your card is associated with Gemini. This week you will find your mind wandering to dark places. Tsk. Tsk. Don’t go there. If you do, you might not come back from it. You’ll even feel trapped or out of place in a situation or environment, but you are the only one worried. Don’t let the past haunt you and don’t let the present disable you. If you continue to let fear hold you down, then you can only blame yourself.

Virgo – 7 of Pentacles

Virgo, your card is associated with Taurus. This week you are all about that paper (money). You are more critical this week, so try not to take it out on the people around you. You want things done in a certain order, we get it, lol. You will be more reserved, practical and cautious with your money and resources this week as well. If you’re not doing that, then it is strongly advised that you do. Rainy days can come any day now.

Libra – The Empress

Libra, your card is associated with the planet Venus. This week you are advised to take care of yourself first before you start spreading yourself too thin. If you’ve been working hard, pushing yourself to the limit, or just trying to do too many things at once then this is the week to take it easy. You can’t flourish and grow if you’re not nurturing yourself. If you choose to ignore this, then you’ll get overwhelmed and you’ll find yourself crashing and burning by the end of the week.

Scorpio – The Moon

Scorpio, your card is associated with Pisces. You’ll be all up in your feelings, good and bad. However, your intuition is also stronger this week, so use it wisely. It seems there is something, someone or a situation that must come to light. You may not be able to avoid it completely, so confront it whole heartedly. Scorpios like to suppress a lot of emotions (good or bad). It may be time for you to unleash another side of yourself (good or bad).

Sagittarius – The Lovers

Sagittarius, your card is associated with Gemini. This week you are all about people whether you want to or not. You will find yourself more in love, compassionate, sympathetic, and even generous with others. Your helping hand can go as far as giving them a ride on your back. This can be a good or bad thing. Just make sure people aren’t taking advantage of your kindness. You can’t be riding around with dead weight just because you’re too nice to say no.

Capricorn – 9 of Chalices

Capricorn, this card is associated with Pisces. This week you are feeling wiser, isolated, and mature. Meaning, you’ll be playing the mother hen all week long, solving people’s problems and helping them grow as a person. You may even have to discipline someone, lol. Try not to take it too far. Your patience wears thin when someone doesn’t pick up things right away, so make sure you are gentle and understanding. Give them credit for things they can achieve and not what you expect for them to achieve.

Aquarius – 6 of Swords

Aquarius, this card is associated with Aquarius. You are or will be feeling more free, independent, and just overall in sync with yourself. If you’re ready to soar, then soar. Nobody will stop or clip your wings all week long. And why not? It is Aquarius season, so happy birthday! You are in your element, so take hold of the positive energies around you. This is a good week to just vibe with your own soul.

Pisces – 9 of Wands

Pisces, this card is associated with Sagittarius. This week you are advised to be patient because opportunity is just around the corner. If you’ve been losing your shit all month long (mentally, emotionally or just physically losing shit, lol), then this is your time to just take a chill pill. You could be causing unnecessary chaos in your mind and in your heart. Sometimes one must remove themselves emotionally, so they can make more logical and reasonable choices. Try it.



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