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January 8th – January 14th Weekly Tarot-Scope

I hope you guys had a fantastic start of the year. I spent the first week focusing on my intent for the remainder of it. This will be the first weekly tarot-scope of 2018. Enjoy the rise of the Capricorns, lol.

The Moon shifts from Libra, Scorpio and lands in sunny Sagittarius during the weekend (UT – Swiss). Mercury also sets into responsible Capricorn on the 12th. Venus is still in love with Capricorn, and Capricorn has its teeth sunk in Saturn. The Sun still shines in Capricorn as well.

As always, here are the Moon phases for the week:

January 8th – 9th (Monday, Tuesday): Libra Moon
January 10th – 12th (Wednesday – Friday): Scorpio Moon
January 13th – 14th (Saturday, Sunday): Sagittarius Moon

If you didn’t already know: The Moon influences our emotions, habits, and instincts.

Rise of Capricorns (for all zodiac signs)

On the 12th (Friday), Mercury will turn to Capricorn for guidance, leaving freedom-loving Sagittarius behind for now. This means it’s time to turn dreams into reality. There is more pressure to be somebody, to own something, and to succeed in all areas of life (career, love, wealth).

Capricorn Venus means that we are taking love more seriously, and we are looking at future outlooks. Meaning, we are either questioning or progressing towards a commitment with someone special. If you are single, then you’ll find yourself criticizing any dates you have. But if you’re in a relationship, then you will tally up everything to see if a future is possible. If you’re in a marriage, then you’ll be strategizing the next level for your relationship: house, baby, or traveling.

Capricorn Saturn: I wrote a whole article about what this means for your zodiac sign. If you haven’t read it, then please click on this link.

Meaning of Moons

Under the Libra Moon, we are seeking more balance in our lives. We feel more positive, progressive and innovative under this sign. We also seek more affection and love in our lives. Libra can also be a very indecisive sign. This can cause a person to accidentally judge a person without fully understanding the intent. Get ready for makeup to breakup moments, lol. If you’ve been wronged, then you’ll start to weigh the pros and cons in your head, trying to justify a situation and not seeing it for what it really is.

Under the Scorpio Moon, we will become more focused and intense – especially when it comes to work and money. Matched with the Capricorn Sun, we will find ourselves with heightened abilities in these areas. We’ll gravitate towards things that have more emotional meaning and depth, and cut off any dead weight. Some of us will be ready to revive a part of themselves, others will be stuck in a delusional bubble because they can’t confront themselves.

During the weekend, we will have more positive philosophies about life because the Sagittarius Moon will enlighten our hearts. If you had a tough week, then this time will allow you more peace of mind. However, not everyone will gain the full understanding in mind, heart and soul. Some will feel like nothing can fill their cup of desires. Having what you have might not be enough for you. Perhaps you need to take the time to figure what makes you full, because whatever you drink from your cup can be refreshing or poisonous.

Meaning of Tarot Cards

January 8th – January 14th Weekly Tarot-Scope by Joan Zodianz

[left to right to top]

Ace of Pentacles reversed (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius), The Sun (Sun), the 7 of Swords (Aquarius), and the Knight of Chalices (Aquarius/Pisces).

The Knight of Chalices compliments and challenges us, asking us whether our movements are inline with our mind and heart. Are we headed up or are we headed down? Notice it sits on top of The Sun. It tells you that your focus will be on yourself all week long. However, take a close look at the cards next to it.

The Ace of Pentacles reversed tells us that our ideas will challenge our progression. It also tells you that negative thinking will fog your rationale. You may think you have an idea about a situation, but you’re not being logical about it. It also warns of petty arguments, petty habits, and petty thoughts. Don’t purposely give yourself bad karma.  

The 7 of Swords tells us that we have plenty of opportunities to attack, but there’s a sense of waiting or even procrastination. What are you waiting for? Or who are you waiting for? You don’t need someone else to validate who you are, where you’re going, or when to go. If you’re ready to go the distance, then do it with an open mind and open heart.


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