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November 27 – December 03 Weekly Tarot-Scope

This week the Moon changes from Pisces, Aries, Taurus, then rests on restless Gemini come Sunday (Swiss – UT). There are two dual signs present (Pisces and Gemini), so beware of mood swings and indecisiveness. However, you can expect to end this month on a good note with friend and/or family in mind.

There are two dual signs present (Pisces and Gemini), so beware of mood swings and indecisiveness.

The Sun is still shining in Sagittarius until December 22nd, so happy belated/early/present birthday until then.

As always, here are the phases of the Moon (influences our emotions and feelings):

Nov. 27 – 28 (Monday – Tuesday): Pisces Moon
Nov. 29 – 30 (Wednesday – Thursday): Aries Moon
Dec. 01 – 02: (Friday – Saturday): Taurus Moon
Dec. 03 (Sunday): Gemini Moon

In the beginning days of December, you will find multiple Sagittarius energies: Sun, Mercury, Venus and Saturn.

Mercury rests on Sagittarius and will turn retrograde this Sunday, December 03. You can expect our communications to turn upside down. Meaning, most of us will have a harder time holding our tongues, turning smaller problems into big ones. It also means major foot in mouth disease, where honesty doesn’t exactly mean justice or truth. Watch out for lewd, wild, or just outright rude comments from people – mostly lefthanded comments, lol. Try to hold your short-temper until December 23rd, where it will turn direct – then it’s back to happy go-lucky, positive, humorous engagements.

Venus is in Scorpio until December 2nd, where it will fall in love with Sagittarius. When it turns, expect love to be casual, carefree, wild and non-traditional. This is also the time of year where most people aren’t searching for any serious romantic relationships, so expect people to be more allusive and focused on friends/family instead. Before it turns Sagittarius, you still have a chance to get out those intense feelings under Scorpio. Meaning, you should probably hit up that lover you’ve been secretly thinking about. Let your actions speak for you 😉

Meaning of Moons

The Pisces Moon will have us dreaming and yearning for something and/or someone more meaningful. This is the time where we escape into ourselves and fall in love with our dreams and goals all over again. It’s also a phase where some of us are wish-washy with others, leaving people in the dark because we can’t fully express how we feel without the fear of vulnerability. Expect to be more sensitive and passive aggressive, even a little moody/snappy – though most of it will be internal. We aren’t going to stand up for ourselves until the Aries Moon stands in for us.

The Aries Moon will be a refreshing breath of life for some, but overwhelming for others. Cardinal fire ends the month of November, swooping in and creating fearlessness in those who seek it. It will empower us passionately, helping us to take a stance and to fight for what we want. However, it can also cause people to be irrational and physically aggressive with others. You might even throw all that patience out the door and lay the smack down, lol. Let’s pray that doesn’t happen.

The Taurus Moon starts the month of December with more responsibility, yikes. We will be thinking more about our future selves and feeling like change just can’t happen right now, and perhaps for good reason. It’s all about penny pinching right now, especially because the holidays are coming up AGAIN, lol. Swear, this is the most expensive time of the year for people. I see you nodding, lol. Take this time to start the month off right by prepping all those damn taxes. If you take hold of the energy, you’ll get it done right away. If you procrastinate, you’ll be hating yourself by the beginning of the new year. Venus also turns into Sagittarius on Saturday. Can you say #BeastMode? Lol.

The Gemini Moon ends the week with Sagittarius in Mercury (retrograde). It’s the time where responsibilities take a backseat. Most of us will stop caring, get lazy, start skipping all the tedious tasks and miss all the smaller details. Just be aware of it. On top of that, get prepared for that foot in mouth disease on auto pilot. It may be accidental, but you’ll have a harder time controlling yourself. You’ll be extra insensitive, lol. So don’t be shocked if someone says something you don’t like. It’ll just be back and forth arguing – round and round you’ll go. Bite the tongue and move on.

Meaning of Tarot Cards

November 27 – December 03 Weekly Tarot-Scope by Joan Zodianz

[Left or right] 4 of Wands (Aries), The World (Saturn), 9 of Wands (top card – Sagittarius), and 6 of Wands (Leo).

Take a look at The World (Saturn), the card for ultimate completion. It’s befitting for it to come at the end of the month because it’s definitely time for something new, but are we there yet? Nope. The 9 of Wands patiently sits on top, letting us know that we have unfinished business – patience will be your focus this week, try to practice it. Your time to fight will come at the right opportunity. Until then, try to focus on all the positive energies surrounding you. Be grateful for what you have before you go into battle, it’s the time to appreciate the simple pleasures of life.

There are a lot of fire (wands) in this spread, which tells you that you’re surrounded by challenges and friction built from passion and aggression. However, the 4 of Wands and the 6 of Wands are advising that these challenges must be settled with patience. I know right? That damn word again, lol. In the heat of the moment, it’s best to think logically. There’s so much going on, much to celebrate, and too much information that will cloud your better judgment. Take it one step at a time! Nothing wrong with that. Calm the soul and let the fires die down before making a life changing decision. You’re not quite at that stage yet anyways 😊


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