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November 20th – 26th Weekly Tarot-Scope

This week the Moon changes from Sagittarius, Capricorn, then settles on distant ass Aquarius, lol (Swiss – UT). As always, the Moon influences our emotions and feelings. It guides our energy for those days, and your awareness of these energies can help you control it.

We also have a new Sun. Sagittarius takes over on November 23rd. Happy birthday to all the Sagi’s in the world 😊!! My birthday falls on November 24.

 As always, the Moon influences our emotions and feelings.

Nov. 20 – 21 (Monday, Tuesday): Sagittarius Moon
Nov. 22 – 23 (Wednesday, Thursday): Capricorn Moon
Nov. 24 – 26 (Friday – Sunday): Aquarius Moon

Mercury still rests in Sagittarius for the remainder of the year. It turns retrograde on December 03, 2017, then direct on December 23, 2017. What this means is that for the rest of the year, our ideas will be challenged, exposed and expanded. The way we communicate with others will be direct, brash, philosophical but more positive than usual. When it turns retrograde, it will be the complete opposite. We are talking about foot in mouth disease, lol. Better watch what you say, lol.

Venus is in Scorpio until December 2nd, where it will then fall in love with Sagittarius. When Venus is in Scorpio, we can expect our relationships with others to be intense. This can be a good or bad thing, depending on your signs. However, generally speaking, we can expect our love lives to be more meaningful, emotional, and focused. We want more meaning in people we connect with, more depth, more privacy, and even more intimacy.

Meaning of Moons

As the moon shifts, so do our emotions and energetic vibrations. Think of how the Moon affects the earth’s tidal waves.

The Sagittarius Moon is in tune with Sagittarius Mercury, so expect more fun times than bad. We are also more vivacious and insensitive. Most of us will want to be more social, which is understandable as most people will have a short work week. We’ll be planning our social gathering for Thanksgiving with friends and family.

The Capricorn Moon comes at a perfect time. Capricorns are naturally family oriented, so Thanksgiving is a perfect time to hop on the family train. This is a great time for bonding, but be warned Capricorn Moon mixed with the Sagittarius Mercury equals larger than life stories. Be prepared for ego trips to take hold, even people lying to make themselves seem bigger than what they are. Perhaps acceptance of family, especially with a few drinks, will be more important than what happens after, lol.

And let’s not forget that Scorpio Venus is still lingering, lol. Things can get intense or emotional – good or bad. However, don’t worry too much – Capricorn Moon and Scorpio Venus ultimately want to keep things chill and lovey dovey – make up to break up, break up to make up, lol. #HappyThanksgiving

The Aquarius Moon will last for three days, and everyone will yearn for more distant and/or friendlier relationships. Isolation may be key, especially if the holiday got really intense. Black Friday also falls under this Moon, so expect unpredictable shit this weekend – whether at the store or in your own personal life. You might get a lovely surprise – good or bad. Stay on your toes haha.

Meaning of Tarot Cards

Here is your tarot spread for this week’s tarot-scope.

November 20th – 26th Weekly Tarot-Scope by Joan Zodianz

[Top, right to left] 7 of Swords (Aquarius), 10 of Pentacles (Virgo), 10 of Swords (Gemini), and 6 of Chalices (Scorpio).

Oh boy. This is going to be a crazy week. Two tens and two swords (air). Thanksgiving week will either be the end or start of relationships.

Thanksgiving week will either be the end or start of relationships.

The 7 of Swords is the card of distant opportunities. Notice how it looks down on the rest of the cards. It’s calculating which direction one should choose: one for success, one for ruin, and one for pleasure and desires. It’s up to you to choose between the following:

10 of Pentacles: This will be the card for success and family. This week you’ll yearn for better and you’ll want to include close friends and family. Bonding with them will be a priority, but this is also the card of Virgo – so watch out for criticizing and nagging. You might want to let go of any control issues, lest your path turns into the next card.

10 of Swords: The card of ruin. Don’t want to be around anybody or you’re forced to be alone this week? That can be a good or bad thing, but this card states that a situation in your life must die. And it usually means you are the cause of it. Because it’s the card of Gemini, it means your overthinking and misjudgment has brought you ruin. Be careful not to be too harsh on yourself.

6 of Chalices: Or you can take the neutral path. This card denotes the fishing of pleasures and desires, instant gratification and living in the now. It’s associated with Scorpio, so patience is key to rewards. Since it’s Thanksgiving and you’ll be surrounded with others, why not take this time to just enjoy the moment – nothing more, nothing less. Mind your tongue, don’t get out of character, and stuff your face – you deserve it! Lol.


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