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Weekly Tarot-Scope: November 6th – 12th

This week the Moon changes from Gemini, Cancer, Leo, then settles on Virgo come Sunday (Swiss - UT). Depending on your Sun and Moon sign, this can be a good or bad thing. Remember, the Moon influences our inner habits, emotions and hidden selves. Our Moon sign also dictates our inner desires and inner energies.

...the Moon influences our inner habits, emotions and hidden selves.

Nov. 6 – 7: Gemini Moon
Nov. 8 – 9: Cancer Moon
Nov. 10 – 11: Leo Moon
Nov. 12 – 13: Virgo Moon

Mercury is in Sagittarius for the rest of the year. It turns retrograde on December 03, 2017, then direct on December 23, 2017. What this means is that for the remainder of the year, our ideas will be challenged, exposed and expanded. We have the chance to try and rush our dreams/goals, or we have a chance to live and soak them in.

Meaning of Moons

As the Moon shifts, so do our emotions and energetic vibrations. The Gemini Moon will have us going back and forth, unsure of how to reciprocate or how to interpret emotions without overreacting. But as a dual sign, it also calls forth our better half and challenges us to act creatively. Whether you do this for good or evil is on you.

The Cancer Moon will have us in our feelings, provoking us to dive deep in ourselves. It’ll be a sink or swim type of emotion. If the Gemini Moon only caused confusion, then the Cancer Moon will add even more complexities. However, if the Gemini caused you to rise to the occasion creatively, then the Cancer Moon will only lift your spirits and place you in sync with yourself and others.

The Leo Moon will add fire and aggressiveness. If you started the week off positively, this will only add to your enthusiasm. But if you started the week off negatively, then this will only add irritation and hostility. That doesn’t mean you can’t change it. Leo is naturally a very positive and loving sign, you can utilize this energy to add more affection where it’s needed.

On Sunday, the Moon will shift into steady and reliable Virgo. This will help ease aggressive energies, but it will also have you criticizing everything and anything. As stated earlier, if you’re not having a good week then you need to check yourself first before you start pointing the finger.

As the saying goes, “When you point the finger at someone else there are three pointing back at you.”

Meaning of Tarot Cards

Here is your tarot spread for this week’s tarot-scope.

Weekly Tarot-Scope by Joan Zodianz Nov. 6 - 12

[Right to left] 9 of Chalices (Pisces), The Devil (Capricorn), The Hermit (Virgo – top card), and The Sun (Leo).

The 9 of Chalices advises that we act with wisdom, compassion and deeper understanding. So if you start to feel tense or aggravated, remember not to get out of character.

The Devil warns us of negative energies lingering underneath. If you start to feel like you’re drowning in emotions, just remember the universe is challenging your inner strengths. The Hermit sits on top of The Devil, advising us to have mental strength and to see things logically and without emotion. There is no need to act irrational or go off on people without proper cause.

The Sun lets us know that this week will be about you. Meaning, your reputation is hanging for everyone to see. What will you show them? How do you want to represent yourself? This also means that what was in the dark must come to light. If you’ve been hiding something or if someone else has been hiding something, then it may come riding out to the front for all to see. 

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Tarot cards will serve as a general guidance for this week. Take any cards you perceive “negative” as warnings and use it to your advantage. Meaning, you have the opportunity to accept and change your outcome. have the opportunity to accept and change your outcome.

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