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Weekly Zodiac Tarot-Scopes: April 9th - 15th

Astrology Outlook

Are you thriving or barely the Aries Mercury Retrograde? Fortunately, the fires will die down come Sunday, April 15th (UT- Swiss).

Mercury and Venus

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Mercury Retrograde (RX)/Direct in Aries

We are advised to think before we act. When Mercury is in retrograde, especially in Aries, we are prone to foggy thoughts and ideas. We are also more impatient, volatile and agitated, and pushy and/or demanding. Everything also seems to move slower and our perspective and ideas are a little skewed. Some thrive in chaos, but Mercury in Aries only means more destruction and wild fires.

This will last until April 15th. Until then, you are warned to take shelter, lol. Don’t add more fuel to the fire. If it gets intense, then you need to back off and learn to fight another day. Retreating is necessary.

Once it turns Direct, you will find that your empire is left in ash (pieces that needed to burn out of your life) or still standing (them walls held you down for more wards to come).

When it turns Direct, we will be fueled with more confidence, passion, and willpower to repair everything burnt, to clean the ash and start anew, or to continue building outwards. We will feel fire taking over our lives in a more positive way.

Venus is still in Taurus but only until April 25th. From there it will shift into mischievous ass Gemini, lol. While in Taurus, our relationships will be put to through a durability test. Meaning, we will take all relationships (platonic, professional, romantic, etc.) very seriously, judging them closely so that we can remove all short-term and honor more long-term partnerships.

We are also prone to being more possessive about our things and of people. We also become more stubborn, not wanting to bend to other people’s demands. We will feel more grounded about our decisions with others, but we will also have high expectations of others. It is advised that you don’t become too jaded, critical or narrowminded when it comes to those around you. But it’s not like you’ll be able to help it either.

Tarot Cards for the Week

Weekly Zodiac Tarot-Scopes April 9th - 15th by Joan Zodianz

Top Left to Right (Aries – Virgo): The High Priestess, 7 of Chalices, 9 of Chalices, 5 of Chalices, Temperance, 8 of Pentacles

Bottom Left to Right (Libra – Pisces): The Hanged Man,


Middle cards: King of Pentacles (Aries/Taurus) sits on top of the 8 of Swords. This week some of you will feel trapped in a situation pertaining to finances and stability, whereas some of you will feel relieved of financial burdens.

Aries – High Priestess

Aries, your card this week is the High Priestess (Moon). There’s something hidden that must come to light. This can make or break your stability, but it’s an unavoidable situation. If you haven’t been using your resources wisely or using your energy wisely, then you’ll find yourself becoming overwhelmed by the end of the week. Try not to horse around. People will grow weary of it.

Taurus – 7 of Chalices

Taurus, your card this week is the 7 of Chalices (Scorpio). Desires are yours for the taking, but make sure that you’re running on good intent this week. If you become too selfish or too greedy, you’ll rack up karma and life will throw you around like a rag doll. Learn to share your resources with others, within reason, and try to see a situation from different perspectives, not just your own.

Gemini – 9 of Chalices

Gemini, your card this week is the 9 of Chalices (Pisces). This is a good week for you. You’re flowing with the current not against it. Perhaps you’re hitting a more mature and peaceful side of yourself, whereas everyone else is fighting amongst one another. While you’re coasting along the river of who gives a f*ck, it’ll be a good time to envision some short-term goals for yourself.

Cancer – 5 of Chalices

Cancer, your card this week is the 5 of Chalices (Scorpio). This is a week where you’d rather just distance yourself from others and swim in your emotions. It seems like everyone is getting under your skin, or everyone seems to have a problem with you, or you’re just feeling overly sensitive. Slow yourself down. If you need a timeout then take one before you explode. Remember, your shell is your safe zone.

Leo – Temperance

Leo, your card this week is Temperance (Sagittarius). This is a good week for you. Your sign has been showering in fire since the Aries Mercury, and you love it. There is a lot of progression and positive energy all week. You’re motivated and determined to get everything done, and people are loving the warm aura. Continue to share your positive self with the world. They need your strength now.

Virgo – 8 of Pentacles

Virgo, your card this week is the 8 of Pentacles (Virgo). This is a good week for progress. There can never be enough for your sign. Meaning, there’s always something you can work on to reach perfection. And yes, you know there’s no such thing, but it’s a good goal to strive for. It keeps you at your best. Borrow the energy this week to complete goals to push you even further in life (internally and externally).

Libra – The Hanged Man

Libra, your card this week is the Hanged Man (Neptune). Don’t fall for illusions this week. Keep your head above everything and everyone to make sure you’re not being screwed over, especially when it comes to money. Don’t become delusional or buy into a fantasy. If it feels too good to be true, it might not be real at all. Make sure to do as much research as possible before making a commitment.

Scorpio – 10 of Swords

Scorpio, your card this week is the 10 of Swords (Gemini). Things are dying off in your world. Some good and some bad. For an intense sign as yourself, you are constantly regenerating, revisiting and revising everything internally and externally. If you haven’t reflected in a while, then this is a good week to get back in tune with yourself. Especially, if you feel like you’re drowning in the shallow end.

Sagittarius – The Chariot

Sagittarius, your card this week is The Chariot (Cancer). This is a good week where you’re going to feel more love, happiness and progression. You’re moving forward in life, whether you want to or not, and the universe is making way for future blessings. However, also keep note that you’ll be more sensitive this week (good and bad). If you feel yourself getting irritated, remove your mind from your body.

Capricorn – 2 of Swords

Capricorn, your card this week is the 2 of Swords (Libra). You’re swaying between options, which is a good problem to have. At least you’ve got choices to pick. Don’t get distracted or derailed because of others. You know you have to keep moving with or without support. If you’re stuck between a rock and a hard place, then make sure the one you pick will benefit you in the future.

Aquarius – 2 of Pentacles

Aquarius, your card this week is the 2 of Pentacles (Capricorn). There’s a sense of ease, calmness, and balance this week. Practicing patience and balance is hard for everybody, but this week you’re in the mood to mind your business and focus on business. If you feel like you’re comparing your progress against others, then you need to check yourself. You are your own person with your own path.

Pisces – Knight of Pentacles

Pisces, your card this week is the Knight of Pentacles (Leo/Virgo). This is a good week to lay your plans out and get committed to your future. Whether it’s school or career, or just a better version of yourself, you’ll need to get motivated and put action behind all that daydreaming. If you’ve got the funds, the time and/or the energy to invest, then invest in your future self. No time for slacking or playing victim.

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